European airport “completes promising trial” using DroneShield detection solution

Drone detection company DroneShield reports successful completion of a trial deployment of its DroneSentinel system at a mid-tier European airport. Managed by Deutsche Telekom, the trial precedes selection of a large drone protection solution.

According to a DroneShield press release, the evaluation is expected to substantially shape the requirements for a large multi-million European airports tender expected to be released prior to year-end. Whilst the Company is unable to quantify the tender more precisely, DroneShield expects the project to be material and will in due course provide an update on the dollar amounts to the market, when available.

Oleg Vornik, DroneShield’s CEO, has commented: “We are now seeing airports, in particularly in Europe, mobilising their procurement selection processes towards wide rollouts of counter drone systems. Each individual airport deployment is worth up to a multi-million dollar contract, including upfront and ongoing subscription payments, depending on the airport size and protection requirements. This successful trial forms a critical part of those selection processes.”

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