EOS demonstrates new directed energy and kinetic C-UAS capabilities

Electro Optic Systems (EOS) of Symonston, Australia, recently demonstrated Australian-built directed energy and kinetic counter-drone capabilities under field conditions, to an international audience, in what the company described as a “watershed moment”.

The demonstration included successful engagement of drones in motion with the Slinger kinetic effector from a moving vehicle. The testing – the first of its type in Australia – showed that drones could be destroyed out to 500 metres with machineguns and over 1,000 with lasers, with very high accuracy levels.

Both kinetic and directed energy solutions have significant export potential, in the company’s view. The directed energy capability also speaks to a priority for the Defence Advanced Strategic Capability Accelerator (ASCA) and the focus of AUKUS Pillar II for electronic warfare.

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(Image: The Slinger incorporates a radar, a 30mm cannon with specialised ammunition, and EOS proprietary stabilisation and pointing solutions. Credit: EOS)

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