SPX CommTech unveils new RF solution for UAS detect and defeat at DSEI 2023

SPX CommTech, a developer of RF solutions formed by TCI and Enterprise Control Systems (ECS), will showcase a new RF solutions for swifter UAS detect and defeat at DSEI in London next week. A solution for improved ISR mission support for military and security operators will also be launched at the defence and security exhibition.

Transportable Tactical COMINT 953 RF Receiver – developed by TCI, this small, light and therefore portable unit delivers superior identification, direction-finding, and tracking of hostile RF signals to support both COMINT and Counter-UAS tactical operations. IP-67 rated, with 2TB of storage and hot-swappable batteries for continuous use, the 953 RF receiver is powered by TCI Blackbird software to support find, fix and strike operations, and mitigate against EW threats.

Evenlode Video and Audio Encoder/Decoder – this device, developed by ECS, delivers improved low-latency, long-range, high-definition video and audio transfer for faster, more accurate intelligence-gathering within defence, security and policing organisations worldwide. With compressed video and audio data, it supports transfer of up to four high-quality videos over a lower bandwidth pipe. Fast and accurate capture and delivery of ISR data ensures effective decisions can be made, even on the tactical edge.

For more information:

www.tcibr.com and www.enterprisecontrol.co.uk

(Image: TCI’s range of drone detection systems have already made a significant impact on the counter-UAS community. Credit: TCI/SPX CommTech)

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