Easy Aerial and Asio Technologies offer integrated nav system for GNSS-denied operations

Making the drone defence conundrum slightly more challenging, Easy Aerial and Asio Technologies have combined efforts to integrate the latter’s NavGuard optical navigation system into UAS, assuring their ability to operate in GNSS-denied environments.

The collaboration enables Easy Aerial to continue expanding its range of capabilities for military-grade Drone-in-a-Box solutions, thereby meeting the growing demand for more flexible UAS operations in the context of the increase in deployment of active counter-UAS solutions. The company suggests, in a recent press release, the capability has been a direct response to operator demand for enhanced reliability in austere conditions. NavGuard offers real-time geo-referencing of optical video streams to generate accurate low-latency positioning, thus overcoming the efforts to counter UAS operations by creating zones in which GNSS access is denied.

For more information:

www.easyaerial.com and www.asiotech.com

(Image: NavGuard is a compact, lightweight optical navigation system offering increased operational flexibility for sUAS users. Credit: Asio Technologies)


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