Anduril Industries acquires Blue Force Technologies, will invest significantly in Fury UAS

Anduril Industries announced acquisition of North Carolina-based Blue Force Technologies, a developer of high-end composite UAS, on 7 September.

Executives indicated the company will invest significantly in the Fury UAS, a Group 5 autonomous air vehicle Blue Force has been developing since 2019. The UAS leverages proprietary rapid prototyping, digital engineering and an open architecture, designed to deliver next-generation flight performance,  heterogenous sensors and payloads to support air dominance missions.

The acquisition follows Anduril’s successful launch, earlier in 2023, of Lattice for Mission Autonomy,
an AI-enabled software platform allowing teams of autonomous systems to collaborate dynamically to achieve complex missions under human supervision. Investing in both hardware and software capabilities, Anduril will further accelerate development of autonomous operations such as manned-unmanned teaming.

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(Image: A 1:2 scale model of Fury, the group five autonomous aircraft designed by Blue Force Technologies. Credit: Anduril Industries)

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