DSEI Japan 2023 – Toshiba launches new range of CUAS RF detectors, radars and mitigation measures

Jane’s reports that Toshiba “revealed a radio frequency (RF) detection sensor and a long-range detection radar as part of a counter-unmanned aircraft system (C-UAS) solution at the DSEI Japan 2023 show in Chiba. The new C-UAS range of products includes an RF sensor; a short-, medium-, and long-range radar; two cameras; and a net gun-based autonomous unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) countermeasure.”

According to the news source, Toshiba said its RF detection sensor passively detects UAS control signals at distances of 4 km and its short-, medium-, and long-range radars can detect UASs from 0.8 km, 1.8 km, and 5 km, respectively.

“The company added that the detection range of its long-range radar can be increased up to 20 km, depending on the radar cross-section (RCS) of the hostile UAS. The information obtained by the radar is cued to a Bosch PTZ camera and an unidentified US-origin optical and thermal camera,” says the company.

According to Toshiba’s website:

“In addition to detecting drones operated by remote control, our radar also detects “dark drones” — drones that fly autonomously without emitting any radio signals. From the radar’s location to the inbound drone’s, the radar measures the range, directions and altitude of the target. It creates the flight database of the target and improves the analysis of the object.”

New Toshiba mitigation measures on display included net guns and jammers.

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