DroneShield releases Q2 firmware upgrade for radio frequency sensors

DroneShield has released a major firmware upgrade for Q2 2024, enhancing the capabilities of their flagship radio frequency sensors, including the RfPatrol, RfOne, and DroneSentry-X models. This update, part of the company’s regular quarterly firmware upgrade cycle, is available globally, to customers who are part of DroneShield’s device subscription model.

The new firmware expands the range of drone types that can be identified and features an overhaul of the underlying software, including a total rebuild of AI algorithms. DroneShield uses AI to process vast data streams in real time, to help detect and counter sophisticated drone technologies.

As part of the upgrade, all devices (including previously non-directional detectors) can now determine the distance, direction, and elevation of drones. Other updates include tailored autonomous disruption and encrypted communications.

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