DroneShield launches “soft kill” military drone jammer

DroneShield has announced the launch of the DroneCannon RWTM, in response to an end-user requirement1.

The system is a lightweight “soft kill” counter-drone jammer which is designed for use on remote weapon stations (unmanned gun systems) as part of a combined “hard kill/soft kill” layered system. According to the company it is system-agnostic and can be integrated with any third party remote weapon station, thus allowing manufacturers of unmanned weapons systems to add a “soft kill” option to their existing products’

The system is available for use either as a stand-alone, or a vehicle-mounted product.

Oleg Vornik, DroneShield’s CEO commented: “The release of DroneCannon RWTM results in two important milestones for DroneShield. Firstly, DroneShield is now one of the very few defence and security companies enabling its customers to utilise a combination of soft kill and hard kill counter-drone solutions, with an optional detection add-on through other DroneShield products, all seamlessesly integrated into one system. Secondly, this system continues our entry into the on-vehicle counter-drone segment, following our recent Rapid ScoutTM partnership…”

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