Dedrone “is now the sole producer of the DroneDefender C-UAS”

Dedrone has announced it is now the sole producer of the DroneDefender counter-UAS system and has set up a new company to market its portfolio of C-UAS systems and services.

According to the company:

“DroneDefender, which was developed by Battelle Memorial Institute, is a non-kinetic, radio frequency sUAS countermeasure. Dedrone and Battelle have been testing and integrating our technologies since 2017. Dedrone is now the sole owner and manufacturer of DroneDefender. This technology is currently only available for U.S. customers with authorization to use active counter systems against sUAS….Our acquisition of DroneDefender drives the establishment of Dedrone’s new counter-sUAS solutions provider and consultancy called Dedrone Defense, and allows us to continue delivering industry leading counter-sUAS solutions to the U.S. federal market.

“Dedrone Defense will be based in our Sterling, VA office and will provide essential tools for all federal agencies, including the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), to assess their airspace activity, understand the severity of sUAS threats, protect assets, and eliminate unauthorized sUAS-based threats.”

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