DAT-CON Slovenia integrates Blighter B400 ground surveillance radar for mobile security

DAT-CON Slovenia is partnered with Blighter Surveillance Systems, integrating the UK-based company’s B400 ground surveillance radar into a series of effective vehicle-based surveillance and security systems.

Compact, lightweight and easily integrated onto vehicle platforms, the B400 offers high confidence detection of slow-moving targets in cluttered environments, making it ideal for threat identification and false alarm mitigation in challenging terrain. Solid state construction and high mean time between failures make it a reliable radar for arduous missions.

Integrating the B400 with top tier high definition cameras, DAT-CON’s vehicle-based surveillance solutions offer users flexibility and scalability to address a broad range of security and threat mitigation applications.

For more information: Mobile surveillance systems – DAT – CON

(Image: The Blighter radar is integrated onto one of a series of platforms for multiple surveillance and protection applications. Credit: DAT-CON d.o.o.)



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