Citadel Defense expands AI capabilities across its Titan C-UAS range

Citadel Defense has expanded its artificial intelligence  (AI) solution to detect, identify, and defeat unmanned systems in the air, on land, or at sea.

“Unmanned systems have changed the landscape of military, intelligence, and security operations. We must think beyond aerial threats when protecting personnel and sensitive critical infrastructure. If our military is using RC-controlled platforms across each domain, we must expect that our adversaries will too,” says Christopher Williams, CEO of Citadel Defense.

According to a press release:“Where other C-UAS sensing modalities using radar or cyber takeover tactics are limited by ground clutter or responsiveness to new threats, Citadel’s Titan enhances those technologies to deliver necessary force protection when all sensors are fused together. …Citadel’s software will be rolled out to over 100+ Titan systems in the field.”

“We used cognitive technologies including robotic process automation, AI, and deep learning from the very beginning of our development two years ago. End user and environmental feedback refined our models allowing us to deliver a nimble system with immediate software patches to stay ahead of our adversaries. Having this capability effective across fixed, mobile, and dismounted operations is a disruptive technology that meets the doctrinal needs of our military” explained Williams.

Titan offers a radio frequency and electronic countermeasure capability that addresses the counter unmanned system mission set across the full spectrum of operations within a standalone system.

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