Germany issues technical support tender for national drone detection system appraisal

Germany’s air navigation service provider Deutsche Flugicherung GmbH (DFS) has issued a tender for support services in evaluating its nationwide Drone Detection Systems (DDS) network

DFS was tasked by the government to research counter UAS equipment purchases and integration of a DDS into the national UTM system to protect the airspace up to 4,000ft and 18km around the country’s 16 largest airports, according to Ralf Heidger of the DFS, speaking at the U-space ConOps and research dissemination conference, Eurocontrol, September 30-October 1. The agency has developed a concept which integrates the DDS with the national UTM and ATM systems.

Under the original concept each DDS will comprise phased array and other bespoke radars, radio frequency detectors fused with primary trackers to ensure the system can distinguish between drones, commercial aircraft and other flying objects. The system will be fully integrated within the UTM, which will be able to tell which of these tracks are being cooperatively tracked, or not.


According to the latest DFS procurement text:

“The procurement relates to the provision of services to carry out technical and scientific evaluations of test positions for various DDS. DFS is looking for independent manufacturers with proven experience in the field of drone detection and multi-sensor data fusion. The evaluation includes the creation of tools and evaluation concepts and related administrative requirements. Evaluation activities will include activities such as testing the probability of detection, range, the detection range, total detections, position accuracy, track continuity and stability, and additional global DDS performance measures.

Tender documents are available at:

Date of issue: 16 April 2020

Deadline for receipt of offers or requests to participate: 18 May 2020

Selection date: 8 June 2020

Point of contact:

For more information visit:,%20Referenznummer%3A%208138/Bekanntmachung_E82142937.pdf

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