China’s Digitech “launches family of three C-UAS systems”

Jane’s reports that the Qingdao-based Digitech Info Technology (Digitech) company launched its JAM family of counter-UAS (C-UAS) systems at the Ocean Sciences and Technology Exhibition in China. The range comprises the vehicle-mounted JAM-1000, the man-portable JAM-2000 and static JAM-3000 devices.

“The JAM-1000 is designed to be a rapidly deployable system that can be mounted on the roof of a tactical utility vehicle or a similarly sized platform,” says Jane’s, “exploiting the vehicle’s mobility to reach an area of operations and set up a protective zone around an asset. According to Digitech, the JAM-1000 system is designed to defeat ‘hobby drones’, commercial multicopters, as well as small fixed-wing UAVs by causing a targeted threat to crash or retreat by activating its return-to-base protocol. The system disrupts radio frequency (RF) communications in the 2.4 and 5.8 GHz spectrums as well as satellite navigation signals including BeiDou, GLONASS, and GPS.”

The company is quoting an effective range of 300 m with a full 360° coverage in the azimuth and 0-75° in elevation.

“The manportable JAM-2000 system offers a similar jamming profile against RF and satellite signals, although it has been specifically designed for dismounted operations with a rifle-type handheld transmitter and the jammer unit and battery packaged in a backpack. The complete system weighs approximately 20 kg, split into 8 kg and 12 kg for the transmitter and backpack respectively.The battery typically provides enough power for up to 80 minutes of continuous operation. However, Jane’s understands from a Digitech spokesperson, who requested to be identified only by his surname of Wei, that the operator can select from three range and power transmission settings – 0.8 km at 25W, 1.2 km at 50W, and 2.1 km at 100W – depending on the tactical situation, in order to extend mission runtime.”

Local press reports say Digitech launched China’s first complete civil anti-drone system, combining monitoring and warning systems, electromagnetic interference and drone capture capabilities, and the ability to trace a drone to its source, was launched earlier this year.

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