Cambridge Pixel provides display for HBS Consulting SpyDar UAS detection solution

HBS Consulting’s SpyDar is a portable drone detection system that now benefits from an easy to use display that provides operators with images of drones detected by the radar as well as both panoramic and live ‘area-of-interest’ feeds from the system’s camera array.

SpyDarView, developed by Cambridge Pixel, displays radar tracks both on the PPI pane and on the panoramic view. The simple touchscreen interface allows operators to change range settings simply and to grab screenshots for recording purposes. It is designed to run on rugged tablets and provides a clear example of Cambridge Pixel’s ability to tailor solutions to specific applications.

SpyDar innovatively combines an array of super-high resolution cameras and Echodyne’s EchoGuard radar.  The SpyDar camera assembly fits directly onto EchoGuard, with the two sensor systems having comparable fields of view and sensitivity, dispensing with the need for an expensive and complex PTZ optical subsystem. The solution can be further enhanced with the addition of an optional AI-based image processing system from Openworks for automatic target classification.

“SpyDarView is a custom solution, with the screen layout optimised to match the sensors and make the system easy to use,” said Cambridge Pixel Sales Director, Mark Saunders.  “Although it is based on the code-base from our off-the-shelf VSD application, it is a unique solution for SpyDar”.

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(Image: SpyDarView is easy to use, intuitive and provides on-the-spot data fusion. Credit: Cambridge Pixel)

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