Sentrycs demonstrates anti-swarm capabilities in US Department of Homeland Security trial

The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) staged tests in August in Oklahoma, during which Sentrycs demonstrated its ability to simultaneously detect and track multiple drones, operating at diverse ranges, altitudes, and speeds. A particular feature of the Sentrycs solution was that the system was shown to be insensitive to the proximity of drones to each other, or to their relative speed and altitude, according to the company.

Among the multiple scenarios the tests covered were:

  • Individual and multiple drones flying in various formations at ranges up to 2,500 metres and altitudes of 500 metres;
  • Safe drone mitigation; distinguishing authorised from unauthorised drones; tracking DJI, Autel, and Parrot drones simultaneously; tracking and mitigating the only 4G-enabled commercial drone;
  • Outside the planned test and demo, several other drones were detected and tracked at ranges of 12-25 kilometres.

The company’s solution centers on Protocol Analytics, which enables operators to detection, tracking, and identification of commercial, DIY and manipulated drones, to minimise zero false alarms and disruption to other communication signals. According to the company, the solution offers the ability for the secure takeover of unauthorised drones, safely guiding them to a controlled landing or directing them back to their point of origin, simultaneously leaving authorised drones unaffected.

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(Image: The company’s solutions are applicable to a range of missions ranging from DHS requirements to protect border crossings and critical infrastructure to force protection, as illustrated here. Credit: Sentrycs)




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