C-UAS company Edgesource launches commercial division EdgesourceX

C-UAS company Edgesource Corporation has announced the launch of a new commercial division – EdgesourceX. The new company features commercial versions of its military Counter-Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (C-sUAS) products which are now available to civil customers, including sports arenas, critical infrastructure, public safety agencies, and individuals seeking increased security and privacy.

The company’s portfolio includes WindtalkerX, which detects and locates drones, their pilots, and more, within a range of 35+ kilometers, according to the company. “WindtalkerX deploys in 30 minutes or less and can gather 30+ data fields, including serial number, drone location, home location, operator location, flight path, velocity, and altitude.”

Another product is DowdingX, which provides a single-pane common operating picture platform offering a simple, operating picture and “is as easy to use as Google Maps”, says the company.  The system displays and analyzes sUAS activity and create real-time intelligence reports. “Real-time notification of drone activity allows for user-defined zones of interest, threat warnings, and alerts via SMS or email. DowdingX can also integrate an organization’s existing C-sUAS systems or sensors by compiling data into a centralized common operating picture to increase response time and deconflict information. DowdingX can be deployed and used by end operators with minimal training in less than an hour.”

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