BT partners with DroneShield to provide counter drone solution

BT’s Enterprise unit has partnered with DroneShield to provide an anti-drone service in the UK. The solution combines DroneShield’s products and technology with BT multi-sensor detection technology, BT enterprise-grade network and real-time alert system. BT claims the system provides an operating range of up to 5km and 360-degree detection coverage, providing capability to continuously monitor the surroundings and provide early warnings so security teams are equipped to identify, assess and respond to threats. The in-built tools are designed to gather, process and report information back to the organisation in real-time, providing the necessary evidence that is needed for reporting and for an organisation to build up knowledge about drone activity on its site so that preventative measures can be put in place. Where legal, BT’s counter drone solution also provides a range of countermeasures, such as fixed signal blockers that can jam drones up to 1.5 kilometres away, to portable disruptors that will help to deter and defeat drones. The service will be a fully managed BT solution offering everything from planning and design, installation and commissioning, as well as on-going operational support and maintenance once live.

BT reports rising numbers of drone related incidents in the UK, with issues involving civil aircraft alone rising 29% last year, according to UK Airprox Board.

(Image: BT)

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