Blighter Surveillance Systems partners with AMS Defence to counter complex airborne threats

UK radar manufacturer Blighter Surveillance Systems has signed a partnering agreement with Australian systems integration company AMS Defence to supply ground-based radar solutions for critical infrastructure protection and complex airborne threats such as drones and unmanned aircraft systems. The partnership will explore a number of opportunities in the fields of force protection, perimeter security and critical Infrastructure protection.

As part of the agreement, Blighter will include the Blighter A400 series air security/drone detection radars, Blighter B400 series radars and the coastal security specialised C400 series radars.

Additionally, to support ground forces, Blighter and AMS Defence will be providing the Blighter B202 MK 2 man-portable radar system for rapid, mobile deployment and the Blighter Orbiter radar system for vehicle mounted solutions, including drone detection.

The product offering can be used to detect a wide variety of moving objects, such as crawling and walking persons, land vehicles, boats and low flying aircraft including drones/UAVs.

The radars use a microwave radio signal to scan areas of air, land or water which can extend up to 32 km in range and up to a full 360° in azimuth.

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