Blighter Surveillance introduces A422 drone detection deployable radar system

Blighter Surveillance System’s latest A422 radar system is a fully integrated off-the-shelf drone detection and ground surveillance system, says the company. It is designed to detect drones in congested urban environments and operates in day and night conditions. The technology can detect, locate and recognise unmanned aerial systems (UAS). It is deployed using a simple modular mast, requires low power consumption with mains and battery power options. User-defined geographic alert zones allow unattended monitoring in conjunction with target displays with a background map.

The new radar comes with mast mounting hardware, system cabling, mains power supply and a rugged laptop for remote system operation via a wired network connection.

The system is designed for rapid deployment from Peli-style transit cases and can be used for:

  •       Urban battlefield reconnaissance
      Remote border surveillance
      Camp protection
      Other covert operations

The A422 deployable radar system covers a horizontal azimuth scan sector of 180°. For 360° surveillance a dual-A422 back-to-back configuration can be used. The radar uses Blighter’s W20S antennas which give a wide vertical elevation coverage up to 30°.

Blighter’s x400 series radars are already deployed along the DMZ for South Korean forces.

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