AUSA 2022: Anduril launches AI-based Mobile Sentry drone detector

At AUSA 2022 Anduril has launched Mobile Sentry, “a ruggedized, mobile platform that uses artificial intelligence for highly accurate, persistent autonomous ground or air awareness, anywhere,” says the company. “Mobile Sentry leverages AI-enabled edge processing, continuous 360 monitoring and a variety of radars and sensors to autonomously identify, detect and track objects of interest in a given environment.

“Mobile Sentry is multi-mission capable and can be customized with a variety of sensors, payloads or communications equipment for autonomous force protection and counter UAS at forward-deployed military bases, borders, oil and gas fields or other critical infrastructure.

“Mobile Sentry can be positioned, set up, calibrated and operational in under 20 minutes by one operator with no specialized MOS, training or Anduril support required. It is infrastructure independent, with integrated power generation and uninterrupted power supply battery solutions

“The vehicle was designed to be easily transportable and can fly to locations via military aircraft (fixed wing C-17, C-130, or internal rotary wing CH-47) and sling load. It can be towed on or off-road by both military and commercial vehicles. Mobile Sentry is powered by Lattice OS. Sensor fusion and object detection are performed at the edge in real-time to present operators with decision points, not noise, even in environments with denied, disconnected, intermittent or limited bandwidth.

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