AUSA 2022: Rafael’s Iron Beam HELWS “on track to become first operational laser defence system”

Israel Defense reports that Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and its US subsidiary have presented the Iron Beam High Energy Laser Weapon System (HELWS) at AUSA 2022.

According to the news outlet:

“The Iron Beam is the first laser system of its kind to have been documented intercepting a range of aerial threats. According to the company, it is on track to become the first operational laser-based defense system that effectively intercepts a wide spectrum of threats – including RAM and UAVs as well as swarms of mini-UAVs – with pinpoint accuracy from a range of a few hundred yards to up to several miles. Iron beam is designed to complement the world-renowned IRON DOME air defense system, bolstering Rafael’s multi-layered defense portfolio.”

Iron Beam is a 100kW class High Energy Laser Weapon System (HELWS) expected to become the first operational system in its class, reports Rafael. “It is designed to intercept a wide range of threats such as RAM and UAVs from a distance of a few hundred meters to up to several kilometers. The system can be integrated on multiple platforms and may be a complementary HEL interceptor to any multilayer defense array.”

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