“AUDS counter-UAS system now mobile” – UK Ministry of Defence

The UK’s Ministry of Defence (https://www.contracts.mod.uk/do-uk-and-international-news/auds-counter-drone-system-enhanced/) reports that the AUDS counter UAS system – developed in 2015 by a consortium of UK defence companies including Blighter Surveillance Systems, Chess Dynamics and Enterprise Control Systems – has been enhanced for deployment on military and commercial security and surveillance vehicles to more effectively defeat swarm attacks by malicious unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), including long range winged drones.

According to the ministry: “With an intuitive interface, the system can be operated by a single user and can detect, track, identify and defeat a drone in approximately 15 seconds at a range of up to 10km or six miles. AUDS on a vehicle delivers a rapid ‘on-the-pause’ counter-UAV capability against drones attacking a temporary base, mobile force, convoy or a national infrastructure site. The system has been optimised and further ruggedised for deployment on either military trucks or commercial surveillance vehicles, as well as on semi-portable containers.

“AUDS is already available in three standard configurations – a portable platform for rooftop installation, a rugged field-mast system for forward operating bases or temporary camps, and a fixed system for borders and critical infrastructure sites. The AUDS system has shown its effectiveness against swarm attacks – successfully defeating approaching 2,000 drone sorties. It has also been tested against more than 60 types of drone including fixed wing and quadcopters.”

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