Anduril launches Extended Range Sentry Tower for autonomous detection

Anduril Industries has introduced the Extended Range Sentry Tower (XRST) to its range of Sentry autonomous systems.

XRST is designed to enable autonomous detections at extended ranges for counter intrusion missions. The system includes a sensor head that is integrated on the top of an 80-foot expeditionary tower to enable detection, classification, and tracking objects of interest up to 7.5 miles away, including 5+ miles autonomously, with unobstructed line of sight.

XRST integrates with Lattice, Anduril’s software platform, and existing Sentry Tower networks to create a network effect for counter intrusion. Lattice also fuses real-time data from Anduril’s Sentry Towers in addition to third-party data sources.

Anduril developed XRST to meet requirements for longer range detections for U.S. Customs and Border Protection, using artificial intelligence, computer vision and machine learning to free up agents who would otherwise manually identify crossings. 

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