Canadian Armed Forces to deploy CACI C-UAS

CACI International Inc has been selected by the Canadian Armed Forces to deploy counter-uncrewed aerial systems (C-UAS) that will defeat uncrewed aerial vehicle threats, including small drones, which have become more sophisticated and deadly.

As part of the contract, CACI will provide dismounted omnidirectional systems (DODS) that are designed to be easy to field quickly and ready for use. The company’s counter-uncrewed technology suite, SkyTracker®, includes integrated platforms that are low in size, weight, and power; fixed, mounted, and dismounted; and operationally tested against a wide range of threats. 

The contract will see Canadian soldiers employ a critical man-packable component of CACI’s SkyTracker suite called BEAM™ as part of their layered defence solution to detect, track, and defeat drone threats.

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