AeroDefense launches mobile version of its AirWarden™ drone detection system

AeroDefense, manufacturer of the patented AirWarden™ drone detection system that detects and locates drones and pilots simultaneously, has announced a new mobile deployment option. AirWarden mobile deployments operate independently, as a patrolling group (patent pending), or in conjunction with permanently mounted systems.

According to a company press release:

“Today’s drone threats validate a dire need for airspace security. AirWarden’s mobile drone detection technology equips security teams and law enforcement with actionable intelligence of drone and pilot location for quick, targeted response. AirWarden’s four-inch, four-ounce antenna easily mounts on an external antenna mast and connects to detection electronics inside a customer-provided ground vehicle or marine vessel for discreet drone detection operations. AirWarden mobile sensors create a dynamic network in two ways to enhance location accuracy. When a mobile sensor comes within range of a fixed network, it can extend a permanent installation network. Mobile sensors in separate command vehicles or marine vessels can move at patrol speed in a search grid fashion to locate both drones and pilots.”

“AeroDefense offers the unique capability of drone detection in motion that does not require legal authorization to operate,” said Linda Ziemba, AeroDefense Founder and CEO. “We already had a solid foundation for the software that received a Department of Homeland Security SAFETY Act designation last year, so adding flexible deployment options allows us to help security teams protect more people.”

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