African Drone Forum supports harmonised regulations across the continent

The African Drone Forum is reviewing regulations pertaining to Remotely Piloted Aircraft in Africa, with a view to have them harmonised across the continent, according to a report in Dronenews. Consultations at the inaugural African Drone Forum in February 2020 established that drone laws in Africa were country-specific and not as uniform as they ought to be. If the continent is to make progress in the drone field, then its laws have to be in harmony from Cape to Cairo.

A recent statement by the Forum reported by Dronenews said: “In light of the regulatory consultations that took place at the African Drone Forum 2020, the African Drone Forum is proud to announce we are conducting a review of all regulations, policy dialogues and regulatory gaps in the African continent as they pertain to Unmanned Aerial Systems.

“This review is supported by our partners at the World Bank and the World Economic Forum, as well as the International Finance Corporation and the Disruptive Technologies for Development Trust Fund. This regulations review deepens our engagement with National Civil Aviation Authorities to draw together this community.”

During plenary about regulations at the last forum, presenters outlined the areas they said were important, including flight safety, airworthiness, risk assessment, training and standardisation. The East African Community’s Civil Aviation Safety and Security Oversight Agency (CASSOA) has already led the trend in this charge, being responsible for airworthiness inspections of aircraft and airport facilities in the East African countries of Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. Rwanda, South Sudan and Burundi are in the process merging their aviation laws with the agency. CASSOA is working towards harmonising the aviation regulations of the six member states, such that a licence acquired in one state should be valid in the five other member states making the EAC.

(Image: African Drone Forum)

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