Advanced Protection Systems supplies counter drone equipment to Ukraine

Polish drone detection company Advanced Protection Systems has supplied its SKYctrl counter drone systems to armed forces in Ukraine, according to the company’s social media and reports in Defence 24. The company’s SKYctrl systems were delivered in September to protect Ukrainian troops, critical infrastructure and borders.

Advanced Protection Systems (APS) specialises in 3D radars for use in the detection, tracking and classification of drones. The company’s FIELDctrl family of radars include Access, Advance, Range and Follow radars, designed to detect, track and classify LSS (Low, Small, Slow) objects, including rotor and airframe drones.

APS radars have so far found recipients in Europe (Norway, Estonia, Finland, the Czech Republic), the Middle East (Saudi Arabia, UAE) and Asia (South Korea, Singapore, India). The recipients are uniformed services, the army and critical infrastructure.

(Image: APS)

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