Shenzhen hosts over 2,000 drone flights a day after UTM system launch

Civil Aviation Administration of China controllers and city police in Shenzhen are currently managing over 2,000 drone flights a day in the city following the introduction in December 2018 of a city-wide UTM system UTMISS.

According to a CAAC presentation at the recent Asia Pacific unmanned systems meeting (

“The project aims at low altitude in segregated airspaces below 120m AGL of the light civil UAS (250g to 7kg) in Shenzhen, which are presented in a grid manner. At present, the percentage of open airspace accounts about 65% of Shenzhen total area, where there are over 1000 light civil UAS hobby flights without any permission.

“UTMISS provides civil UAS with air traffic management functions on behalf of the local civil aviation authority and serves as the public portal and information hub for the integrated supervision body. And the UTMISS adopts a distributed hybrid cloud infrastructure for safety and security purposes, and data process capability and expandability considerations.”

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