EDGE invests in UTM company High Lander to grow military and civil autonomous operations

UAE technology company EDGE has announced a strategic investment in High Lander, the company behind Universal UTM, a drone-agnostic unmanned traffic management solution. The USD14 million investment creates a partnership aimed at high-value opportunities in both the military and civilian domains as both companies progress along their respective roadmaps, says the press release.

EDGE comprises 20 complementary companies focused on the development of autonomous systems, including unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), smart weapons, and cyber technologies. The group is keen to further assist High Lander in developing its next-generation Universal UTM solution, which enables the safe coexistence of manned and unmanned aviation. EDGE aims to utilise Universal UTM in the management of autonomous operations.

High Lander’s Universal UTM is designed to oversee the busiest airspaces, enabling multiple, simultaneous drone operations. From pre-flight authorisation to mid-mission changes and post-flight logs, Universal UTM enables efficient management of all aspects of airspace control.

His Excellency Faisal Al Bannai, Chairman of the Board of EDGE, said: “As EDGE grows rapidly, and with our focus increasingly being directed to the development of world-leading autonomous aerospace solutions, the need for a superior and readily available air traffic management platform could not be more urgent. Today’s operating environments require the most advanced unmanned air traffic control systems, and High Lander provides the only truly universal solution for this critical requirement.”

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