Drone safety to benefit from extended range of light weight silicon detect and avoid capability

Silicon photonics company SiLC Technologies reports its Eyeonic Vision Sensor has demonstrated the ability to perceive, identify, and avoid objects at a range of more than 1 km. Having previously demonstrated a detection range of more than 500 meters at CES earlier this year, SiLC has now optimised its technology to go beyond 1000 meters.

Ultra-long-range visibility is a requirement in many industries that utilize machine vision, including automotive, metrology, construction, drones, and more. Specific scenarios include providing enough time for a vehicle to evade an obstacle at highway speeds; enabling a drone to avoid others in the sky; and controlling deforestation by making precision mapping and surveying of forests possible.

Next-gen vision sensors that incorporate millimeter-level accuracy, depth and instantaneous velocity are key to true autonomous driving and other machine vision applications – and FMCW LiDAR is the optimal technology to make this a reality.

First announced in December of 2021, SiLC’s Eyeonic Vision Sensor is a FMCW LiDAR transceiver. The heart of the Eyeonic Vision Sensor is SiLC’s silicon photonic chip which integrates FMCW LiDAR functionality into a single, tiny chip. Representing decades of silicon photonics innovation, this chip is designed to support manufacturers building the next generation of autonomous vehicles, security solutions and industrial robots.

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