Xponential 2023: AUVSI creates voluntary drone cyber security drone certification system

During Exponential 2023 the Association for Uncrewed Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) announced the launch of a voluntary cybersecurity certification for uncrewed systems.

“AUVSI Trusted Cyber is based on industry-developed standards frameworks to address cyber risks specific to autonomy and robotics, according to the association. “The AUVSI Trusted program currently includes AUVSI Trusted Cyber Certification and Green UAS Certification, which was launched in February 2023. Green UAS is a commercial effort to apply cyber methodologies modelled off of DIU’s Blue UAS “Cleared List” process to extend relevant cyber credentialing to the U.S. industrial base with the goal of accelerating capabilities available to customers who do not immediately require Department of Defense (DoD) authority to operate. Green UAS also offers a more streamlined pathway to the Blue UAS 2.0 cleared list.

“AUVSI Trusted Cyber Certification will be available to systems in the air, ground, and maritime domains. The AUVSI Trusted program will also be expanded to include certifications for specific user industries or system domains. AUVSI is working with government agencies to adopt these certifications as policy guiding their procurement of uncrewed systems. AUVSI is working with and Fortress Information Security (Fortress) as the official compliance evaluator for the Trusted Cyber Certification Program.

“End-users who rely on uncrewed systems for critical operations – such as public safety, commercial delivery, and infrastructure inspection – are increasingly looking for detailed information about their systems’ security, origin, and data access,” said Michael Robbins, Chief Advocacy Officer at AUVSI. “Safety and security will maximize our industry’s great potential. AUVSI’s Trusted Cyber certifications are developed to fill this need and build trust needed to expand commercial and government adoption of uncrewed systems.”

“As it became clear that there was a gap in the cyber security landscape for uncrewed systems, AUVSI and Fortress moved rapidly to proactively address this issue,” said Tobias Whitney, Vice President of Strategy and Policy for Fortress. “This cybersecurity framework will provide the level of trust and assurance that users, regulators, and the public need in order to feel secure about the widespread use of uncrewed systems and their protection against cyber attacks.”

The AUVSI Trusted Cyber framework of standards include a mapping of threats, attack vectors and mitigation controls. The Trusted Cyber Certification program will test the following areas against four frameworks: corporate hygiene, product and device, supply chain risk review, and remote operations.

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