“World’s first” UTM system passes 16 months of operations

On display at next year’s World ATM Congress in Madrid will be latest developments to the AMC Portal from Croatia Control Limited (CCL), the world first’s airspace booking tool/UAS traffic management (UTM) system, according to the company.

The AMC Portal is a web-based tool designed to inform all airspace users of the current and near future airspace status and has been in operational use in Croatia since June 2017.

According to Vlado Bagarić, Director General of CCL, writing on the company’s website: “As the tool was being created, a special emphasis was put on our new airspace users – the drone operators, whose time is yet to come….our solution also enables direct communication through an internal messaging system between the user and the national ASM system, which is only one among its multiple other capabilities.

“Put simply, the AMC Portal is the first implemented operational tool for the real-time airspace management of all activities, and as such it dictates the pace of development for the competitors, and at the same time it simplifies the regulation-making process for the regulator…”

“The principle is simple. In essence, the prescribed user data is collected during the registration process. Following a successful registration, the user does not need to submit additional data anymore. In a simple way, they can submit their requests to use certain airspace structures, see the rules they must abide to, and activate and deactivate the reservation. All of that is contained in various charts on the Portal with the purpose of informing other airspace users before conducting the activity.”

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