UTM trials start in Switzerland with skyguide, SITAONAIR, senseFly, Intel, AirMap and PX4

On 14 September, AirMap participated as the UAS services supplier in the first live demonstration of U-space capabilities in Europe, hosted by skyguide. U-space is a collaborative effort to enable situational awareness, data exchange, and digital communication for Europe’s drone ecosystem.

With skyguide and fellow team members SITAONAIR, senseFly, Intel, and PX4, AirMap deployed critical U-space services during three live missions flown by senseFly and Intel® Aero Ready-to-Fly drones. First, the team successfully demonstrated U-space foundation services, including e-registration and e-identification for pilots, and access to geo-information and geofencing before and during flight. Next, the demonstration featured U-space initial services for drone operations management, including flight planning, authorization, tracking with telemetry, and integration with air traffic control.

“We see ourselves as forward-looking partners of the drone industry. The U-space can only develop successfully if the different players collaborate efficiently together and embrace innovation. The demonstrator shows that this is possible. I look forward to us taking the next steps together with our partners as soon as possible.” said Alex Bristol, CEO of skyguide.

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