Switzerland establishes aviation data exchange hub for safe drone operations

Swiss air navigation service provider skyguide, and automation company AirMap, in partnership with the Swiss Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA), have announced the operational delivery of the Swiss U-space flight information management system for drones (referred to as FIMS).

FIMS is an aviation data exchange hub that connects the skyguide air traffic management system to U-Space Service Providers (USSPs) with open interfaces to support safe and compliant drone operations in low-altitude airspace.

The successful operational implementation of FIMS in Switzerland is accompanied by the signing of distribution agreements with various USSPs.

As part of U-space, the FIMS is a cloud-based, interoperable platform that distributes airspace information, directives, and real-time traffic from skyguide’s ATM systems to drone operators through a network of USSPs. Participating USSPs connect to the FIMS using open interfaces to provide services that support drone operators in meeting their regulatory and operational requirements.

The Swiss U-space FIMS is designed to support an open, competitive drone economy and a marketplace of drone services. With the operational delivery of FIMS, the development of the Swiss U-space Implementation (SUSI) initiative, reaches a critical milestone.

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