Spain’s ENAIRE launches airspace authorisation website

ENAIRE,  Spain’s air navigation service provider, has launched an airspace authorization website –  Drone pilots and operators using this site will be able to see exactly where they can safely operate drones,  using aeronautical  data and information which will give them information on the airspace where they plan to operate.

“This fee web application presents on a map the airspace in Spain where you can use drones, as well as which areas to avoid, such as those with sensitive fauna, air control areas near airports, heliports, aerodromes, military bases or natural parks that require an additional permit to fly this type of aircraft,” said ENAIRE in a press release.

The Spanish Government Agency for Air Safety (AESA) has recorded 3,041 operators, 74 training schools, over 3,750 pilots and 4,375 commercial drones in the country.

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