Russia’s nationwide UTM system passes technical design milestone

The technical design stage of Russia’s national UAS traffic management (UTM) system RUTM 1 was completed on December 21, 2020, according to programme officials.

“The project team demonstrated the UAV’s onboard module and the operability of various UAV services, including automatic conflict resolution in real time. Moreover, earlier this year a series of successful tests of the RUTM1 system was carried out at the Orlovka airfield near Moscow,” an industry official told Unmanned Airspace. “The operational concept and terms of reference for the RUTM1 system are harmonized with Russian and international standards and requirements,” according to progress reports. “Designed with the innovative technology of digital twins, the RUTM1 system allows automatic planning and airspace allocation for drones, creation of flight routes, maintenance of safe separations between UAVs and preventing conflicts in the air. Zones of joint air navigation and information services for both unmanned and manned aircraft are also developed.”

In 2019, the RUTM1 team received grant support from the National Technology Initiative (NTI) fund for the first phase deployment of the RUTM system in Russia. The lead industrial partner is ASTRA JSC, which is also working on increasing airport capacity by implementing new satellite-based arrivals procedures.

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