Registration opens for third CORUS workshop in Rome, 2-5 April

Registration is now open for the third Concept of Operations for safe European drone traffic (CORUS) workshop taking place in Rome between 2-5 April 2019.

CORUS gathers experts from aviation (manned and drone), research and academia to develop and write a concept of operations for U-Space, the European system for management of drones. Starting from the U-Space blueprint and from the ATM Master Plan update, CORUS will produce detailed definitions of the services necessary for VLL drone operations. The services will be defined in a way that shows how they can and should be used together to enable safe drone operations while balancing the needs of the drone sector with those of society as a whole.

CORUS is currently organising the third workshop, where the ConOps draft will be discussed and further refined based on the audience’s input.

Specifically CORUS will:

  • Establish and clearly describe a concept of operations. Develop clear use cases for nominal scenarios and describe how losses of safety in non-nominal situations (e.g. contingency, emergency …) can be minimized.
  • Address drones operations in uncontrolled airspace as well as in and around controlled or protected airspace (e.g. airfields).
  • Develop a concept enabling safe interaction with all different classes of airspace users taking into account contingencies and emergencies, and making clear any assumptions about the volumes of traffic.
  • Examine non-aviation aspects, identifying key issues for society (e.g. safety and privacy, noise …) and offering solutions to ease social acceptance
  • Identify necessary services and technical development, quantifying the level of safety and performance required and proposing an initial architecture description.

More information on Corus is available at:

To register for the workshop please visit:

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