New smartphone app immediately quantifies risk of drone flights

UK technology start-up Flock ( is due to imminently launch a smart phone app which immediately quantifies the risk of their drone flight. The app was displayed for the first time at today’s Commercial UAS Show in London.

Flock is partnered with Allianz, the world’s largest aviation insurer, to launch a suite of products which will allow drone operators to purchase flight-by-flight insurance through a smart-phone app.

“We use big data to understand and quantify the risk of a particular drone flight immediately, taking into account real-time local weather conditions, geo-spatial data, the nearby location of power-plants or airports, data about the drone operator and the pilot along with data about the drone, which we source from our own internal dataset on every available commercial drone,” said Ed Leon Klinger, CEO of Flock.

“We use all those data sets to immediately quantify, given your location, the risk of your flight – which we measure from zero to 100. We turn that risk factor into a price which we underwrite, up to GBP10 million of liability. This is in turn is underwritten by Allianz and provided by the Flock app, flockcover.

The app is being made available first to commercial UK drone operators then to operators worldwide. Recreational drone users will also be able to access the app soon.

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