MetroWeather and TruWeather link to support NASA research into UAM weather sensing

Metro Weather Co, a company providing high-precision information on wind conditions using compact, high-performance Doppler Lidar and TruWeather Solutions Inc, a micro weather data and analytics company, have announced a collaborative contract to support the “Urban Weather Sensing Infrastructure”programme, TruWeather’s Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract with NASA.

Under this agreement, Metro Weather and TruWeather will build an urban weather observation infrastructure which could be used for a wide-scale deployment of commercial Urban Air Mobility.

According to a joint company press release the companies’ urban wind simulation system will help accelerate the development of next-generation weather services that are essential for the safe and affordable delivery of advanced air transportation services (AAM), especially in dense urban areas.

“The goal of this NASA SBIR project is to complete the design for the construction of Urban Wind Experiment (UWEX) in an urban environment, with an award of a potential Phase 2 contract. We are currently working on a Phase 1 of this project, and if we get awarded a Phase 2, the UWEX shall be carried out in the next fiscal year. MetroWeather will play a core role by providing the optimal sensing algorithm and sampling strategy for the simulated lidar measurements in targeted urban areas and developing the model for multiple lidar data fusion using MetroWeather’s compact, high-performance Doppler lidars. MetroWeather will also design a system to deliver the observation data and API,” says the press release.

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(Image: Cloudy sky over the residential houses on the river side, Zhuhai, China -Shutterstock/Anna Polukhina)

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