High Lander and Sentrycs partnership provides airspace management and threat mitigation

Drone services company High Lander has partnered with Sentrycs, a provider of counter-drone technology, to offer authorities U-space management with protection of no-fly zones.

The Sentrycs solution detects drone activity, extracts user-level identification from drones, and neutralizes unapproved drones by disconnecting them from their remote controls and assuming direct control in order to land them safely. The mechanism does not rely of line of sight, making it ideal for operation in urban areas where drone activity will be most concentrated.

Through this partnership, Sentrycs’ technology is incorporated into High Lander’s uncrewed traffic management solution, Vega UTM – a drone-agnostic, automated software solution that monitors in real-time all airborne activity over territories of any size. It autonomously approves, denies, and suggests alternative flight plans as needed, and provides operators with up to the minute notifications on all relevant airspace data.

By combining their solutions, Sentrycs and High Lander offer all of these capabilities in one complete package. The integrated solution autonomously monitors airspace activity in real time, coordinates flight plans at scale, detects unapproved flights and the location of their pilots, and forces unauthorized drones to land safely with no collateral damage. The new, combined solution features drone monitoring, detection and threat management to support security in the sky.

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