Happiest Minds and ANRA Technologies “to develop nationwide UTM system for India” – Dronelife

UAS industry news site Dronelife reports that India is moving forward in developing a nationwide UTM system.

“After issuing several solicitations over the last year, the country has selected systems integrator Happiest Minds to build India’s Digital Sky. Happiest Minds will work with multinational UTM company ANRA Technologies as domain specialists on a three phase, 21 month project designed to bring a government provided, free system to market,” says the report. “Phase one, which should go live in 2020, is registration: allowing operators to submit a flight plan, receive approval, and take off.  Phase two will include flight tracking and remote ID, Phase three includes sophisticated de-confliction capabilities.

“In the future, the government intends to open the system to other service providers.  This government sponsored Digital Sky framework, however, is a concrete and important step in the process of developing India’s commercial drone industry.”

According to India’s Ministry of Civil Aviation the UAS market in india will be worth USD886 million by 2021.

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(Image: Pranay Chandra Singh / Shutterstock.com)

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