FAA warns of fake drone registration websites

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has warned drone owners – especially hobbyists — about people offering to “help” register their drones with the agency.

“There are a number of entities that offer to help drone owners and operators file an application for a registration number,” said the Agency. “Some attempt to mimic the look of the FAA’s website with similar graphic design and even the FAA logo, or suggest they are somehow “approved” by the agency. They aren’t – and you could be wasting your money. The FAA neither regulates these entitites nor will speculate on their legitimacy. However, we have recently received reports of vendors charging exorbitant fees up to USD150.00 for this service. The actual FAA registration fee is USD5.00. For that charge, hobbyists receive one identification number for all the drones they own. All others pay the registration fee for each drone they intend to operate.

“We strongly advise you to avoid registering your unmanned aircraft anywhere but at the FAA Drone Zone. It’s the only way to make sure your drone is legally registered and that you’ve gotten your money’s worth.”

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