DSEI Japan 2023 – KHI has “delivered 100kW C-UAS laser to Japan’s defence department”

Multiple defence news journals (see sources below) report that Kawasaki Heavy Industries (KHI) displayed a prototype 2kW counter-UAS laser system at the show, capable of eliminating a drone target at 100m, at the event. A 100kW version was delivered to the Japanese Ministry of Defence earlier this year, say the news sources.

“The C-UAS system also includes a laser rangefinder and an infrared (IR) thermal imaging camera that can track UAVs up to a range of 300m,” according to a report from Jane’s.

“The laser system comprises a tracking imager, high-energy laser (HEL), gimbal and 2kW power source,” said Shepherd Media. “It is fitted onto a Mule Pro-FX all-terrain vehicle from Kawasaki Motors for mobility. The Mule is already deployed by the Amphibious Rapid Deployment Brigade.”

According to Israel’s DefensePost, KHI and Japan’s Ministry of Defence began working a laser-based anti-drone system in 2021 for operational deployment by 2023. “Apart from its use on land-based vehicles, the laser-based technology is also being considered for deployment on ships,” said the report.

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