China introduces new rules for commercial drone operators from June

Multiple Chinese media outlets report that the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) has announced that new rules for commercial drone operators will take effect on June 1. The rules cover the requirements and procedures for acquiring a business licence and supervision measures for drones. According to identical stories appearing on news websites:

“Based on research and opinions from all sides, the CAAC released the regulations, making it easier for applicants to obtain licences with lowered entry conditions and convenient online applications. Operational activities including aerial spraying, filming and photography, performances and pilot training of drones weighing 250 grams or over are subject to the regulations, which do not cover those used for carrying passengers or cargo. Applicants can apply for licences via the CAAC UAV Real-name Registration System and fill in the basic information such as the legal body of the enterprise, the real-name registration number of the drone and so forth.

“Four basic conditions for getting a business license are required. First, the subject to carry out the operational activities should be an enterprise legal person, and the legal representative should be a Chinese citizen. Second, the enterprise should have at least one drone and be registered under a real name in the system. Also, the operator shall be covered by insurance against liability for third parties on the surface. For conducting training activities, the operator shall also have the qualification recognized by the relative department.

“The regulations also set out the conditions that will lead to the revocation or cancellation of a licence. Regional CAAC administrations will be responsible for drone supervision within their domain.”

(Image: DJI)

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