Aloft launches UTM/LAANC planning service integrated with drone operational management platforms

Aloft Technologies has announced a new set of developer tools designed to allow third parties to seamlessly interface with the Aloft platform for everything from custom map layers to LAANC integrations.

“If you are flying a bunch of drones doing programmatic missions you don’t want people taping on a screen to get airspace authorisation, you want it automated,” said Jon Hegranes, CEO & Founder of Aloft. “You want the whole service brought into existing applications and  mission control centres.”

Aloft’s new developer platform enables drone hardware OEMs, drone software providers, and corporations with in-house drone workflows to bring Aloft’s LAANC, airspace, and fleet management capabilities natively into their own software, said the company in a press release. The new services includes new fleet management and airspace APIs, along with map tile services that enable third-party developers to connect and interact with Aloft’s secure data services with the ability for developers to visualize airspace and other map data layers.

“With these new tools, developers will have access to industry-leading capabilities that align with the growing demand for advanced drone technology solutions,” said the press statement. “Of special note is the capability of LAANC (Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability) access for FAA-approved developer partners, marking a substantial leap forward in streamlined airspace authorization and showcasing continued progress by the FAA to evolve the LAANC system to increase airspace safety and compliance. This will enable the expanded reach of the LAANC ecosystem, create new markets, and create an easier way for operators of every stripe to comply.

“Today, we are not just announcing new tools; we’re unveiling the future of programmatic aviation,” said Jon Hegranes. “The aviation landscape is evolving rapidly, and unmanned aircraft systems are a fundamental part of that change. By providing developers with the tools to integrate seamlessly with the Aloft platform, we are enhancing the safety, compliance, and efficiency of the National Airspace System (NAS).”

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