Airbus A^3 launches Altiscope future UAS/manned aircraft ATM traffic management planner

Airbus A3  has today launched its Altiscope future ATM framework simulator which will allow ANSPs and other ATM stakeholders to plan for future mixes of manned and unmanned aircraft.

Altiscope uses a simulator built for evaluating ATM policy options and operational models that can enable all forms of airborne traffic in a wide range of geographies and jurisdictions.

“Based in Silicon Valley,” writes Karthik Balakrishnan, Project Executive of Project Altiscope, “our team is already working on discrete projects with a variety of global organizations across the public and private sector on aspects like risk modeling and operational analysis. For example, we might evaluate how urban air mobility vehicles, cargo drones, and commercial aircraft interact in the vicinity of shipping and logistics hubs or explore rules demonstrating the safety and feasibility of utilizing UAS in rural areas for transporting medical aid. We’ll be gathering new data throughout the process so that what Altiscope can be used to accomplish evolves and expands.”

“Other ATM efforts are making tremendous strides in this space, typically focused on a given set of operation and mission goals. On the other hand, we are focused on evaluating different options for the new rules of the air and aren’t specifically tied to any particular ATM architecture. We aim to create a framework that accounts for any type of aircraft operation, system, aircraft platform, geography and mission profile — without prioritizing one kind over another. Successful future airborne traffic management depends on a solution that is both flexible and scalable as yet-unimagined applications are developed and take flight.”

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