US DoT calls for research partners to help develop multi-UAS operations SARPs

The US Department of Transportation has issued an opportunity for academia and industry to participate in a Science and Research Panel (SARP) of the UAS Executive Committee (EXCOM) as part of a request for Information (RFI) and Open Day for Multiple-UAS operations research. The results of the Open Day will serve to inform SARP research, workshops, and recommendations for control and NAS integration of multi-UAS operations.

Using the information described within, the UAS Science and Research Panel (SARP) is conducting an RFI followed by a two-day meeting on September 18-19, 2018 to explore the application of technologies and approaches that facilitate safe multiple unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) operations (two or more UAS [N] with one or more pilots/managers. There is increasing demand by EXCOM agencies to safely conduct public-use multiple UAS operations in the NAS. However, there are technological, human factors, and policy barriers to those operations. Likewise, there are commercial entities exploring multiple UAS operations, which face many of the same barriers.

The objectives of the meeting are to understand the range of current ongoing research (conducted by government, academia, and industry) that may inform technologies or procedures to enable human controlled or monitored multiple UAS operations. As part of understanding the range of current ongoing research, the meeting will identify candidate solutions that provide a method of measuring/verifying the effect of the technology or procedure for effectiveness, efficiency and reliability.

Reference: Solicitation Number: 30416

Issuing authority: Department of Transportation

Response deadline: 13 July 2018

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