Cornwall Space Cluster secures GBP1m investment, aims to expand uncrewed operations

Cornwall Space Cluster, supported by Open Skies Cornwall partner Cornwall Council, has secured GBP1m to boost the development of the Data, Space and Aerospace sectors in Cornwall. The sector development project is funded by Good Growth Cornwall, UK Space Agency, Innovate UK, Cornwall & IoS Local Enterprise Partnership and the private sector.

DronePrep relocated to Spaceport Cornwall to join the Open Skies Cornwall project in 2022, to be at the centre of the Cornwall Space Cluster as part of the objective to bring in new stakeholders and opportunities to the region to accelerate internationally significant innovations . So far this includes investment from 6 pioneering projects nationally and internationally that have chosen to invest their innovations and R&D to the local aerospace economy here in Cornwall.

Open Skies Cornwall aims to open the skies for regular uncrewed flights supported as part of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) TRA Sandbox (for Integrating Crewed and Uncrewed Aircraft in local airspace). This gives provides an opportunity to trailblaze new methods, technologies and use cases with partners, innovators, the regulator and the aviation community whilst working on our mandate to provide unified airspace access for both new and existing users.

DronePrep says this is step change opportunity for how we use airspace thus this timely fund announcement essentially turbocharges support opportunities provided by the cluster for businesses locally to learn about aerospace opportunities associated with the Open Skies Cornwall Project and future interoperability with the Skyhighways Conops as the key enabling tool for achieving access to future airspace in the region.

Applications toward this new GBP1m funding allocation can support local businesses to pivot into the data, space and aerospace sectors – including start up support and removing barriers to entry for established companies. The Cluster Sector Development team within Open Skies Cornwall Partner Cornwall Council includes Gail Eastaugh (Sector Lead) and James Fairbairn (Business Development) with more roles to be announced in coming months to support business engagement with the fund.

This team is working in partnership with DronePrep, The CAA, Local ANSPs/Airports and the Open Skies Cornwall consortia in our remit to open the skies of Cornwall for the development next generation operations.

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