ADW 2023: When is a drone not a drone? When it is a ship

A full sized version of the autonomous AirSpeeder S30 wing-in-ground effect platform inspection drone will fly for the first time this summer, according to Tadao Deniz Ozistek, Managing Director of Speeder Systems, exhibiting at Amsterdam Drone Week.

Airspeeder S30 is a flying drone launch pad, certified by the Marine Coat Guard Agency as a ship, rather than a drone.

Electrically powered with a range of more than 60km the Airspeeder skims the waves at 1 to 2 metres above the water but can soar to up to 150m to land on a platform. It carries a drone in its cargo bay. To deploy the platform inspection drone, the Airspeeder lands on the surface of the sea and automatically deploys the drone, or delivers cargo to ships at sea.

According to the company website (

“Combining electric VTOL & ground-effect technologies, S30 carries 17kg packages to 150kms distance with the speed and VTOL capability of a helicopter and the operational flexibility of a boat. S30 can also deliver cargo to ships, yachts and other vessels by water landing capability.”

A scale model has successfully flown this year, according to the company.

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