Verizon 5G demonstrates near-real-time object detection with Easy Aerial and Amazon Web

A collaboration between Easy Aerial, Verizon, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) has demonstrated the use of Verizon 5G Edge and AWS Wavelength to enable near-real-time object detection for drones, says a report by The Easy Guard ground station “drone-in-a-box” solution was selected for exploring 5G integration. Easy Aerial first considered integrating 5G into the Easy Guard at Verizon and Newlab’s Brooklyn, New York-based 5G Studio, which was created to develop a wide range of potential technology solutions.

Through this collaboration, with the 5G-enabled Easy Guard system, successful transmission of telemetry data from Easy Aerial drones was achieved, which made it possible to monitor flights in near-real-time. They were also able to reduce the data transmission rates of the drones by leveraging 5G for communications and reduce latency via use of 5G and mobile edge compute (MEC) on “AI-powered data processing,” Verizon notes in a description of the collaboration with Easy Aerial and AWS.

According to the collaboration announcement from Verizon, the integration of 5G and mobile edge computing for drone operations resulted in savings of about 10% in drone costs and flight time that was increased by about 40%.

(Image: Verizon 5G Edge and AWS enable Easy Guard drone-in-a-box to detect objects)

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